Training Information


Training Details

  • Utilizing the ChromaGen Manual, screeners are trained in the use of visual tasks in how to identify significant visual issues by simple screening methods.

  • Screeners are trained in the use of theChromaGen Survey. The survey is an effective tool for pre-qualfying a patient/student to determine if they will benefit from ChromaGen lenses.

  • Education on visual issues and how they directly impact a person’s daily functioning (school and work). Visual issues include visual acuity, color blindness, eye teaming, light sensitivity, visual distortions, perceptual issues, depth perception, and visual tracking.

  • Negative impacts that visual issues have on daily functioning (i.e., general work/school output, poor reading and writing performance, increased fatigue, poor visual memory, problems in attention and concentration and increased distractibility, etc.).

  • A Power Point demonstration is employed to demonstrate the screening process. The presentation includes personal testimonies from patients that describe how ChromaGen has changed their lives.

  • Hands on training and practice of screening materials. Screeners will become knowledgeable and efficient in the use of the screening materials.

  • ChromaGen will provide contact and networking opportunities with local ophthalmologists and optometrists.

  • Home office support via a direct line of communication with the trainers and ChromaGen support staff.

  • Interactive question and answer forum with Dr. Ed Huggett and Dr. Jeanne Howes.

ChromaGen Trainers

ChromaGen has partnered with Dr. Edward J. Huggett and Dr. Jeanne Howes to offer a training series that will empower you with the necessary materials and instruction in order to make a difference in the lives of children suffering from such unfair conditions.


Our Team


Edward J. Huggett, Jr.

Chief Optometric Advisor

Dr. Huggett is a licensed doctor of optometry for the past 22 years in the state of Florida with a specialty practice in vision-related learning problems and binocular vision (eye teaming) issues relating to cognitive visual processing.

Prior to his work as an optometrist he was a teacher for the Citrus County Florida School Board for 5 years.




Dr. Jeanne Howes

Director of Education

Dr. Howes is a licensed educational psychologist, specializing in the educational needs of school aged children.

For over 23 years, she has worked with public and private schools providing comprehensive psychological services to hundreds of children and their families.